Tsukuba Bunka Gakuen Educational Foundation, Japan Tsukuba International Language College (TLC) is Japanese language school in Tsukuba, Ibaraki.
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Messages from the President and Introduction of Our Staff

"Message from the President"

Our school is located in Tsukuba, 45 mins away from Tokyo (Akihabara) by train, and 50 mins from Narita International Airport which is Japan’s main gateway by sky.
Tsukuba is called as “Science and Technology City,” and has various research facilities such as JAXA (Japan Aerospace exploration Agency). In addition, there are a lot of universities such as University of Tsukuba and Tsukuba Gakuin University, accepting thousands of international students from all over the world. With the population of over 7000 foreigners including researchers, international students and their families from more than 130 countries, Tsukuba has a good living environment for those who came from different countries.
In our school, students will be equipped with Japanese proficiency, the knowledge of Japanese culture and history so that they can succeed in the global marketplace in Tsukuba where they can experience “the newest technology” and ”nature“ at the same time.
All of our teachers and staff are committed to provide support for you, students who will be a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world.
We’ll be waiting to welcome you to Tsukuba.

The President, Haruhisa Togo

General Manager

To those of you who are working hard towards your dreams

- A different language creates a whole new world -

General Manager Yufen Cui

On March 27th, 2004, I came to Japan for the first time with a little bit of confidence because I had studied Japanese in my country. However, as soon as I arrived at Narita airport, I was disappointed with myself that I could not understand any Japanese that was spoken.
I realized, “since I have come this far, I can't go back,” and I started a new life in Tsukuba.
I thought language is learned from daily life, so I started a part-time job as well as studying in class.
I not only earned money but experienced Japanese culture and gained a sense of community though the part-time job. Tsukuba is called Japan’s Silicone Valley and has many research facilities. Watching the exhibitions of newest technology, I decided to work hard to make my dreams come true. Because God gives a rich reward to those who work hard.
As a result of effort, I was able to enter a graduate school in University of Tsukuba, and obtained master and doctorate degrees. While I was in school, I received scholarships and obtained qualifications, such as a school psychologist and a guidance counselor. After I became a researcher in University of Tsukuba, I started teaching subjects such as education psychology, education guidance, psychology and cognitive psychology in a Japanese private university.
"A different language is a different vision of life" -Through my experience, I would like to deliver this message for those of you working towards your dream.
A new language creates a whole new world and a new dream. I am looking forward to meeting you in our school.